Mastering is striking the right balance between technique and feel. In my work, my craft and experience are there to serve the client. It’s important to me, that the final master is true to the artists vision.

I favor collaborating with the mixing engineer and the producer, to have a discussion: What is mastering this piece of music set to achieve? What was the original vision? I can offer my input at any point in the production, for example during the mixing phase.

I make masters for both digital and vinyl releases. I have a lot of fondness for the vinyl record and mastering for it is one of my strong suits.

Jarno Alho,
Alho Audio Mastering

1 66
2 126
3 184
4 240
5 295
6 345
7 390
8 430
9 475
10 520
11 550
12 580
13 610
14 630
15 650


The price includes DIGI, VINYL and CD (ddp) -masters.

The price includes 24% VAT.

If the songs are particularly long or short, ask for an offer.

For mixing, ask for an offer.


My aim in mixing is to create the right feel for the song. While mixing requires skill, it is, most of all, a matter of creative vision. A good mix can be likened to construction, in that it gives you an impression of the width, depth and height of a piece of music.

Familiarity with the artist’s genre is important, too. My experience ranges from folk, jazz, rap, pop, indie rock and punk, to progressive, avantgarde and acoustic music.

A day of mixing can include 1-3 songs – pricing varies depending on project. So please contact me for an offer.


Kytäjä – tba, album, MIX/MSTR/PROD
Sur-rur – Entisyydestämmekinköhän, album, REC/MIX/MSTR
The B And The Band – Harmaakin päivä voi olla kaunis, album, MIX
Kalle Kinos – 5.0, album, MIX/MSTR
Two Hundred Wolves – The Hold, album, MIX
Laura Moisio – Kerro jos näet / Kirje, MIX
Kielo Kärkkäinen – Laulajan muotokuva, album, MIX
Pölykuu – Shimanon vaihteet, album, MIX
Musta köksä – Pitää tulla toimeen, single, MIX
Sulkava – Universaalia sorttia, album, MIX/MSTR
Sam Shingler – Strange Security, album, MIX
Kalevacation – Kalevacation 2, album, MIX/MSTR
Transistorit – Planetaario, album, REC/MIX/MSTR
Nina Kaitaranta – Sinä kesänä, single, MIX/MSTR
Laura Moisio – Huumaavaa, single, MIX/MSTR
Kalle Kinos/Tiedemies – Oho, single, MIX/MSTR
Hot Heros feat. Iro Haarla – Vodjanoi, album, REC/MIX/MSTR
Silkinpehmee – Pinkka kunnos, MIX/MSTR
Juhani Valkama – Kotiin, album, MIX/MSTR
Aleksi Ojala – tba, single, MIX
Jorma Tapio & Kaski – Aliseen, album, REC/MIX
Kiviranta – Antipsykootti, album, MIX/MSTR
Silkinpehmee – Valkonen pantteri, MIX/MSTR
River King – Epic Humble Folk, ep, MIX/MSTR
Shipway – Queen, single, MIX/MSTR/CoPROD
Laura Moisio – Laulaa kun ei voi muutakaan, album, REC/MIX/PROD
Shipway – Uhrilampaat, single, MIX/MSTR/CoPROD
Mumrunner – Valeriana, album, MIX
Pekko Käppi – Finish folk songs vol.1, album, MIX/MSTR
Mortality – Mortality, album, MIX/MSTR
Belize – Mis dos madres, album, MIX/MSTR
Lemmenpyssyt feat. Hannibal, Tykopaatti & Leo Luxxxus – Sata prossaa, single, REC/MIX
Sere & Silkinpehmee feat. Paleface – Biitit jotka räjäyttää maailman, single, MIX/MSTR
Shipway – Statussymboli/Kun aurinkoni laskee, singlet, MIX/MSTR/CoPROD
Pölykuu – Kylpyhuoneessa/Tultasyöksevä helvetinkone, single, MIX/MSTR
Maria Andersson & Fintage – Luonas on tähdet. single, MIX/MSTR
Sere & Silkinpehmee & Super Janne – Tänään, single, MIX/MSTR
Kielo Kärkkäinen – Keitä me olemme, album, MIX/MSTR
Samanna – Itsetunto, album, REC/MIX
Sur-rur – Hattarahiukset, album, REC/MIX/MSTR
Ninni Forever Band – Tää ääni, single, MIX/MSTR
Hannibal & Hot Heros – Tässä ja nyt, album, PROD/REC/MIX/MSTR
Tanssiva Karhu – Sen seitsemän meren taa & Eilinen, MIX kytäjä/MSTR
Vuoret – Portti, album, PROD/REC/MIX
Laura Moisio – Laura Moisio, album, MIX/MSTR
Kirjastolevy v/a – Kirjastolevy, album, PROD/REC/MIX/MSTR
Maria ja Marsialaiset – Pysy hereillä, album, MIX
Wasted – The Truth Will Not Be Televised, ep, REC/MIX/MSTR
Sur-rur – Ihmisiä nurmikolla, album, REC/MIX/MSTR
Ville Leinonen – ISI, album, MIX
Pelkkä väliviiva – Palaa ajassa taaksepäin, album, PROD/REC/MIX/MSTR
Käpykaarti – Elämäntehtävä, ep, REC/MIX
Kymppitonni – s/t, ep, MIX
Villit Hevoset – s/t, album, RROD/REC/MIX
Wasted – Here Comes The Darkness, album, REC/MIX/MSTR/PROD
Grateful Däd – Lelukaupan häätö, album, REC/MIX
Sur-rur – Ajan paksu lakana, album, REC/MIX/MSTR/PROD
Kytäjä – II, album, PRODkytäjä/REC/MIX
Wasted – Rugged, Raw & Unplugged, album, REC/MIX
Voimaryhmä – Rudistan, album, MIX
Death Hawks – Death & Decay, album, PROD
On Volcano – New Blood, ep, MIX
Ville Leinonen – Majakanvartijan uni, album, MIX
Suvi Isotalo – Jollet rakasta, album, REC
Wojciech – Monstrolento, album, MIX
Puumaja – Meriselityksiä, album, REC/MIX
Dirty Fingernails – Greetings From Finsbury Park N.4, album, MIX/PROD
Matti Johannes Koivu – Irwin Goodmanin lauluja, album, MIX
Red Carpet – The Band They Couldn´t Hang, ep, REC/MIX
Matti Johannes Koivu – Topsi ja tohtori Koirasson, album, MIX
Dead By Gun – Big Waves, album, REC
Wojciech – Sointula, album, MIX
Matti Johannes Koivu – Kovat piipussa, album, MIX
Red Carpet – The Noise of Red Carpet, album, REC/MIX/CoPROD
Le Futur Pompiste – Your Stories And Your Thoughts, album, RED/MIX/MSTR/PROD


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